February 12

The truth behind those bike boxes at traffic lights.


(AKA Those funny bike things at traffic lights)

Still not sure what we are talking about ? Have you ever approached a set of traffic lights and seen box at the front of the lights and thought aaaghhhh I mustn't stop in there its just for cyclists? Well you may be correct, or you may be wrong!

Thats exactly why I thought I would write this short blog so as to remove confusion and enlighten you on the actual law behind them. 

"It is illegal for a motor vehicle to stop in the cycle box."

The technical name for the box is "ADVANCED STOP LINE" The law actually states that you must not cross the first line you approach AFTER THE LIGHTS HAVE GONE RED.  If the lights were to change as you approach, and it is safe to stop at the second line whilst the light is amber then this is perfectly acceptable.

FACT Crossing that first line after the light has gone red (stopping at the second line) is classed as jumping a red light and leaves you open to a £100 fine. Rule 178 of the Highway Code states

If your vehicle has proceeded over the first white line at the time that the signal goes red, you MUST stop at the second white line, even if your vehicle is in the marked area.
There you have it, what you can and more importantly what you can't do at an Advanced Stop Line !


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About the author 

Graham Evans

Graham is a multi-award winning driving instructor covering most of North Manchester. As a Grade A instructor you can be assured he knows exactly what he is talking about. You will see throughout these courses that he has the ability to break things down into the basic steps, creating an easy to follow subject matter.

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