"A faster, more cost effective

way to pass your driving test"


Pass Your Driving Test Faster.

The more effort you put into the whole learning to drive process the fewer driving lessons you will need. Taking fewer driving lessons quite simply means passing your driving test faster.

Be a More Confident Driver

Whatever you are doing if you understand it you are more confident doing it. That's the same for driving. Having the opportunity to watch somebody completing the tasks away from the stress of actually driving will help you understand what is required of you.

Save over £300 Off The Total Cost Of Learning To Drive

Of those that we have monitored using Driving Lessons Online those that fully engaged, watched our videos etc passed their driving test in aproximately 10 hours less than than those that didn't. That's easily a saving of over £300

What You Will Get With
 Driving Lessons Online

Whatever subject you can think of in the whole learning to drive process we have you covered. It doesn't matter if you struggle remembering how to Parallel Park or are struggling with big roundabouts. Driving Lessons Online is here to help you.

  • Over 50 individual lessons in video and text format to suit your learning style. Helping you to understand what you have already covered with your driving instructor. Giving you the opportunity to see the subjects that you still have to cover. 
  • A dedicated section to help you not only see what happens on your driving test but also how the examiner will mark it. We call this the rules of the game just like any game, once you understand the rules the game is far easier to understand.
  • Is Reversing your Nemesis. Don't worry we have you covered with a dedicated section aimed at the reversing manoeuvres on your driving test.
  • A FREE E Book worth more £19.99  Help A Learner Driver . Written solely for parents and those who will be sitting next to a learner driver in their own car helping them practice in readiness for the driving test,.
  • A FREE BONUS Section. This currently has a series of videos showing you how to save fuel costs. In today's current climate this section is invaluable and will also save you more than the cost of this course.
  • Reduce the stress of learning the unknown. Ask your driving instructor what you will be doing on your next lesson. Now load up Driving Lessons Online, sit back and watch the video. It's that simple.

They Say

What They Say

I didn't realise there was so much information in here.

I passed my driving test recently, and If it wasn't for Driving Lessons Online I think my driving instructor would have killed lol. 

It gave me the chance to watch the videos when I got home after a lesson. I really didn't think there was so much in here. I really struggled with my box junctions. Watching them in the comfort of my home made much more sense.

Thanks to everyone at Driving Lessons Online

Len M (Manchester

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