Welcome to Driving Lessons Online.

Learning to drive and passing your driving test are one of life's milestones. One of those memories that will stay with you forever. My aim is for you to be a safe and confident driver without unnecessary expense and stress. 

If you are comitted to learning to drive this course is perfect for you, and I am confident you will be getting your driving licence in double quick time. 


Although there is no strict structure to this course, please feel free to either start at the beginning and work your way through or just drop in and out to remind yourself of how some tasks are completed.


It is important to note that although this course is a comprehensive resource, it is not the be all and end all of driving instruction.  Some of the advice may be slightly different from what your own driving instructor requires.  Lets call it a variation on a theme.


The Official DVSA Learning to Drive Syllabus

The Highway Code

Know Your Traffic and Road Signs

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